I won’t. Nor, do i understand how the writers have just taken Us, the fans for granted…..I’ve been mentally damaged by the premiere.
And after the shock, and the terror.
I do feel used.
I will NEVER, get over that episode, I will never WANT to see it again.
They have ruined my memories.
It’s NOT….any actors fault.
I blame the suits. Anything for ratings.
The writers of the show led us right down the garden path…and we willingly followed them.
Shame on them.
I am an adult person.
I KNOW this is just a show…..TWD

This show has a life of its own, I say. Forget the comics. Sorry/not sorry.
They should beware. Much more of THIS —
And they will lose fans.
I must be able to go to work, in order to pay the cable bill, that enables me to watch TWD
on Sundays…..

I have lost sleep. Just finally was able to sleep for 4 hours straight last night. Sunday night I maybe got 2 hours, all broken up….same for Monday night.
At work….I did my work, but was upset and mentally off kilter….2 days straight.
So, if they have more of this mind altering, horror planned this season.

I just can’t, But i will be forced to bow out of the fandom.
I love this show ❤️
Been watching since day 1

They have fucked with my people, and I have no control
So, it stops or I do.

Please feel free to share this.

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